Connect with worldwide Remote Workers and Explorers. Slow Travel the world.

Rural Workations & Group Trips to embrace the Slow Living philosophy…  Local experiences, global connections.

Are you a Remote Worker or a Traveler looking for a meaningful trip?

We are not just another travel platform.

Because we specialize in uniquely connecting worlwide Remote Workers and  Travelers by sharing local experiences, that go beyond traditional tourism.

  • We collaborate with local businesses committed to the community and the environment, ensuring a positive impact.
  • We give a huge importance to the real essence of one place, by savouring local food&wine and attending social and cultural events, together with the natives.
  • We highlight the importance of sustainability and respect nature.

Workations for Remote Workers & Digital Nomads who have the possibility to explore while working.

Guided Trips for those travelers who can’t remote work, or they just want to completely disconnect from work and travel during their days off.

Both trips are organized with the aim of enriching your life journey with non-conventional experiences and supporting rural realities.

Soooo just forget about all the logistics and let’s Andiámonos! 

Good vibes from our worldwide adventures...

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Why Andiámonos?

Be authentic, stay local

You would agree there is a huge difference between being a tourist VS being a traveler.
Our mission is to travel authentic, collaborating with local partners and supporting those businesses who care about people and the environment.


Food and wine, together with traveling, are our passion and... is there any better way to feel the essence of one place than experiencing a gastronomic surprise to taste the local flavours? And guess what? This is our special gift for you and there's no additional cost involved!

Video call before to travel

Our aim is to keep the trip vibe positive, and to avoid you signing up for something different than you were expecting. This "interview" helps us ensure the trip is just what you are looking for and that the group is a right fit for you.

Small groups, big adventures

Though we live large, massive groups are not our thing. We want to offer a personalized and unique experience.

Loyalty Program

Yes, you read it right! This is our special thanks to those travelers who have chosen Andiámonos to live out amazing moments. That's why we’re offering you a Loyalty Program with a 10% discount after 3 trips with us!

"How do I know Andiámonos is the experience I'm looking for?”

If at least one of the following is true for you, then Andiámonos is your solution!


You’re tired of trying to convince your friends to go on trips with you


Traveling alone can be challenging and you want to be part of a community where you feel safe


You don't have time to plan all the trip logistics


You feel like you need to step outside your daily routine, meeting new people and building some lasting friendships


You want to live non-mainstream experiences and support local businesses


You don't speak the local language and/or you want to improve your languistic skills in a fun and stimulating environment

What the Andiámonos travelers say...

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Discovering Umbria, the so-called "Green Heart of Italy" by Monica from Andiámonos has been incredible! She perfectly knows how to combine the right people in order to create a perfect climate! We have been able to enjoy the culture, appreciate the art, drink and eat the exquisite cuisine that this wonderful area of Italy offers, thanks also to the choice that she has made of the places to visit. I bring with me friends from different parts of the world and I won't forget the sunsets. I will join more trips with Andiámonos for sure! Grazie Monica!
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10/10 would repeat with Monica as the Sicily trip really swept me of my feet 🙂 Thanks to Monica's good planification, coordination and organization of the trip, we had many amazing and authentic adventures from local towns to big cities, we discovered new places and had many amazing new experiences and most of all, built new connections and friendships all around the world. Monica had organized this trip really well and we had so much fun activities outdoors, from relaxing in the most beautiful beaches in Sicily to making typical Sicilian food in the middle of a vineyard for barbeque+wine experience. I would definitely going to join future trips with Monica and definitely would recommend.
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The Imperial Cities of Morocco tour was wonderful. Monica from Andiámonos is a real professional as a trip organiser. She took great care of all the logistic aspects of the trip, but what I appreciated even more was her easygoing vibe and the flexibility that helped a lot consolidating the group. We had amazing adventures, we shared laughs and stories and authentic and unique experiences. 🌎🫶🐈☀️
Aleksandra ​
Aleksandra ​
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I had the pleasure of participating in a coworking trip to Fuerteventura, and I must say that it was an incredible experience. The island is absolutely beautiful, and the opportunity to work from such a breathtaking location was a dream come true. Monica - our trip leader was exceptional in every way. She was friendly and knowledgeable. Her ability to bring everyone together and create a positive and inclusive atmosphere was truly remarkable. What I loved about this trip was that it offered a perfect balance between work and play. We were able to work productively during the day and explore the island's incredible spots and attractions in the evenings and weekends. I would highly recommend trips with Monica to anyone looking for a truly unique and unforgettable experience.
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This journey proved to be an incredible adventure. We as a group enjoyed each other's company, filled with amazing food, hearty laughter, and shared drinks, both among ourselves and with the locals. Late nights at the agriturismo underneath the clear night sky was the source of many inside jokes from the start. Undoubtedly, the standout was Monica – an exceptional tour guide who immediately felt like a dear friend. Her warm reception, enjoyable personality, leave me with nothing but praise. I will most definitely join her for another trip. Without hesitation, I wholeheartedly recommend this experience!
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This trip was great! Monica had everything perfectly organized, transfers from one city to another and the stays in the different hotels or apartments, chosen with very good taste, always in a good area to move easily. We enjoyed and lived local and authentic experiences with a very good connection between all the travelers. Also, always with freedom to decide what activities to do or places to visit. If you want to see the world, live adventures and get to know cultures in an authentic way, with Monica it is guaranteed!
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I'm happy for the experience Monica provided. The trip was both relaxing and fun. Monica is a charismatic person who knows how to lead the group. The gastronomic experience (always present on her trips) was a nice surprise and something unique that most probably I would never find out on my own.
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Had great time with Andiámonos in workation trip in Fuerteventura. Monica from Andiámonos is very friendly, helpful, energetic and puts all the efforts to make the experience delightful and memorable. Hopefully see you in the next trip☺️ Recommended!👌
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Thank you, Monica! For a great workation! Monica took us to explore some villages outside Alicante during the weekend, she was very friendly and engaged with each of us to ensure that the schedule and free time worked for all the participants. I had a wonderful experience and I highly recommend her trips.
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The trip to Barcelona was just a dream. Monica is really amazing. She went out of her way to make me feel comfortable and see as much of the city as possible and have the best trip. She always made sure that I am okay. Monica is a very good tour guide and really goes above and beyond. I would book a trip with her again at any time!
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It was a great and a very well organized trip. Monica is such a nice host and took care of end to end itinerary right from the beginning till the end. Me being a vegetarian, I usually struggle with food on my trips, but in this trip, Monica asked my preference upfront and ensured that where ever we go, I get different vegetarian options based on my food preference. Loved the places that were planned in the trip and loved the hospitality of Monica and her friends from Ficulle 🙂 Met amazing people in the trip and didnt feel that we were meeting for the 1st time. Would love to go on a trip again with the same group 🙂 and also our Mayor 🙂
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Cool authentic travels with great restaurants, parties and international team! Monica is very friendly and communicative. She has a good sense of humor and trips with her are definitely not boring!
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Everything has fit. Especially to emphasize that the combination of the group was well chosen and especially the size was well chosen. I would travel with Monica again at any time.
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A fun, entertaining and relaxing trip. That made you feel engaged as well as related.
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There is different aspect to consider in a trip like this. The trip itself, the trip leader/organiser and the other travellers. My experience on and with this trip were very positive. Monica is a very nice person and creates a very good vibe and mood during the trip. The trip itself was well organised and a nice mix of sightseeing and time at the beach. For this trip specifically, depending on the time of individual departure from Catania, time there is quite limited. The food experience(s) were the perfect round off for this trip and the perfect occasion to get closer with the travel buddies and socialize. Regarding the trip mates we were a really nice group of 6 people in total having a good vibe and flow. Very nice to get to know new people from all around the globe. Looking forward to travel again with Monica.
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Monica is a very organized trip leader, she is kind and always willing to provide the best experience for the trip mates, according to their needs :-))
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The Sicily trip was a good experience. Monica is a very friendly and communicative person who created a good mood during the trip. The trip itself was well organized and included relaxing on beautiful beaches as well as various local experiences (making typical Sicilian food, chocolate tasting) and sightseeing.
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Unforgettable experience in the heart of Italy, away from tourists and in the center of fun. A different route, unique and above all authentic. A small and diverse group that has made the trip an endless number of unforgettable memories. To highlight Monica with her always positive and close personality, showing us not only her Country, Italy but her family and friends as well! Someone who opens the doors of her home is someone with whom you can not miss a trip. If you want to make friends, eat and drink the best delicacies of the place and laugh until your belly hurts, Monica and Andiámonos are essential. Always Ficulle in my heart!
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Monica is a highly experienced travel guide who curates thoughtful experiences that will leave you impressed. Her travel experience through medieval towns in Umbria made me feel like a local. She is energetic, fun, and makes sure her guests are having a good time. I look forward to joining her on many future trips. I highly recommend Monica and Andiámonos. It was a great itinerary, with lots of interesting places, incredible food, and wonderful people. Having a centralized money pot was a great idea. It made it very easy so we didn’t have to think about paying for bars, etc. The villa was beautiful and Monica was a fantastic host. Also, the tree planting gift for Christmas was a thoughtful gesture. I really treasured the experience of feeling like a local of Ficulle with so many lovely experiences in town while being included with people in the community!
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As a seasoned traveler with a penchant for exploration, I recently embarked on a captivating tour of Tenerife, the largest of Spain's Canary Islands. Organised by Andiámonos, this excursion promised to unveil the island's non-mainstream side, with its diverse landscapes and cultural treasures. From verdant forests to volcanic marvels and sun-kissed beaches, every moment of the journey left an indelible mark on me. The activities included in the trip were all well thought out (my favourite one was the super fun gastronomic experience!). Thanks to Monica’s seamless organisation, reliability and hospitality this journey exceeded my expectations and I can only recommend it to everyone else.
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Traveling to Colombia with Andiámonos has been a dream come true! We have lived it intensely and I am happy to have chosen Monica for this adventure. Traveling to Colombia is an adventure and Monica has made it possible by choosing magical places and an amazing group! It was all great! It has been a huge success!
United States
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Overall positive experience and would highly recommend. Monica's easy going attitude in combination with her trip preparation made the experience very positive. She was professional, attentive, but at the same time had a charming energy throughout the entire trip. She takes pride in matching groups up with the right people to ensure the vibe fits well with one another. This ensures you'll feel connected with your fellow travelers and she does a great job of ensuring everyone feels included/heard. For the trip itself, I was able to experience the different scenes of a new city/town -learning about the history through various tours (we went up to the mountains to learn how to harvest coffee with other like minded travelers), eating local street foot as well as high-end food, and going to see the various nightlife available (both local and tourist types). You'll see beautiful sites inside the city as well as nature, the range is incredible and you won't be disappointed. Again, would highly recommend Andiamonos with Monica for anyone who is looking to travel with a group.

There is no greater satisfaction than seeing solo travelers, previously strangers, become companions of adventure, enjoying life, laughing together, learning from one another, pleasantly surprised and always happy about traveling with Andiámonos.

Traveling creates magical connections, impossible to forget. And this is by far the most amazing and fulfilling part of my life project. 

Behind the scenes...

It’s time to find out who is behind Andiámonos!

It’s me, Monica! Italian since 1992, Barcelonesa since 2015 and traveler since I was in diapers!

My mission?

Connecting like-minded people from different cultural backgrounds, through a meaningful travel experience. I propose something different… Slow Travels that stand in contrast with massive tourism and aim to support the local communities and the environment.

How? Using my +14 years experience as an authentic traveler to create unconventional trips, especially designed for those explorers who appreciate the local essence of one place, and embrace the slow living philosophy. Ensuring, furthermore, a significant time and energy savings for the traveler, by eliminating the organizational process and by finding like-minded travel companions.


Italy and Spain, my two beloved home Countries.


Food, human connections, nature, sports, music, a good talk with a glass, or a bottle 🙂 of wine, and of course, TRAVELING!

"Traveling to experience the purest connection with myself and with the others; to feel I’m in the right place, wherever I am...
While traveling, I manage to appreciate everything much more intensely. And that's what life should be all about... enjoying intensely. Our journey through this world should never be restricted to the monotonous grind of a passive routine.
Our most precious resource, TIME, can't escape amidst discontent and aspirations for something different."


1. Video call

If you are interested in any experience, you can easily book the brief meeting with Andiámonos, through the form you can find at the bottom of the trip page. In the call, you will have the chance to meet the Trip Coordinator and talk about trip expectations, doubts, why you love traveling, hobbies and whatever! It will be a nice conversation from travelers to traveler!

2. Payment process

In case that’s the trip you are looking for, you are ready to book your spot paying just the 20% of the total amount. The rest of the amount will be paid 30 days before the departure. If you book your spot less than 30 days before the departure date, you will not pay the 20% deposit, but the entire amount.

3. We are ready to go!

As soon as the travelers crew is completed, a Whatsapp group will be created by your Trip Coordinator; this way you can get in touch with your future travel buddies and share useful information about your trip. The week before the departure, your trip coordinator will schedule a  video call with all the trip participants, to talk about the last details and solve any doubt out.

As travelers are coming from different Countries, flights to and from the destination are not included.

Life is better with flexibility! In fact, in this way you are free to decide the departure airport and the airline company, as well as if you want to stay more days in the destination, outside of the trip dates.

Before to book any flight, please be sure you have been informed of the trip confirmation by Andiámonos.

To avoid huge age differences, Andiámonos trips are thought for people from 28 to 40 years old.  Anyway, if you are slightly younger or older and you think you are aligned with the trip mood, just apply through the form. In fact, through the video interview, we will have the possibility to be sure the experience is suitable for you and that you are the Trip Mate we are looking for!

Workations are especially designed for remote working as we will work during the day and enjoy local experiences during the free time and weekends. No stress though! In case you are not a Remote Worker or you are, but you just want to enjoy some day off, you can have a look at the Guided Trips, where we don’t work,  just play!

As you can imagine, this will depend on the trip destination and duration, and on your travel style (how many times you decide to eat and drink outside, if you want to participate in extra activities etc.).

Also, it depends on wheter you attend a Workation or a Group Trip, as the concept is totally different. In fact, during a Workation we use to cook in our shared kitchen and eat outside a couple of time, but again, we want anyone to feel free to choose the routine according to the personal habits. In the case of Guided Trips is more usual to eat outside as we will be visiting the whole day, although you can also arrange some packed lunch or use the shared kitchen (in case there is any) to save money.

For us, flexibility is key and we want anyone to be able to attend a trip, without too many limitations for the traveler’s specific budget!

The Money Pot is a group deposit in local currency, managed and collected by your Trip Coordinator.

The amount of the Money Pot is around 120€ for the whole trip duration, but may change according to the destination.

Money pot includes:

  • Petrol and road tolls
  • Tourist taxes
  • Coordinator’s money pot share
  • Any extra activity that all members of the group agree on doing. Of course, if someone doesn’t want to participate in a certain activity, the Trip Coordinator will return the amount to the person who doesn’t participate in that specific  activity.

In case of any spare money, the remaining amount will be split equally and returned at the end of the

Unexpected events can happen, that’s why we want you to feel comfortable in the moment you decide to book a trip with us.

In fact, if you cancel 15 or more days from the trip departure, we will return the 80% of the total price previously paid – excluded the bank transfer’s commission- and you will have the possibility to transfer the entire 20% deposit and use it to join future Andiámonos experiences, within 6 months from the cancellation date.

In case you cancel your spot 14 or less days before the trip departure, we will return the 80% of the total price – excluded the bank transfer’s commission- but unfortunately we will not be able to return the 20% deposit.

Bank transfer fees associated with refunds will be deducted from the refund amount. Customers are responsible for any additional charges from their financial institutions.

Please be advised that the responsibility for booking and managing flight arrangements lies solely with the traveler. Any costs associated with flight bookings, changes, or cancellations are the individual responsibility of each traveler. Andiámons does not undertake responsibility for refunding or reimbursing any expenses related to flights.

What if Andiámonos has to cancel the trip as the minimum number of participants is not reached?

In that unlikely situation, you are free to choose between 2 possibilities:

  1. Ask for a refund for the entire amount you paid.
  2. Transfer the credit to another Andiámonos trip.

This decision is completely up to you!

In case you have any doubt, you can reach out to us sending an email to monica@andiamonos

to us sending an email to

Of course! 

You have the possibility to join an existing trip (in case there are enough spots available), or if you prefer, you can have a personalized experience for your group. Feel free to send us an email to explaining your needs and we will be happy to find the best option for your amazing group!

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 Easy-peasy! Fill the brief form and you are in!

No spam, you will only receive useful information and amazing promotions.