Let's jump into the Slow Traveling world!

Have you just landed to Andiámonos, and you’re wondering where to start? Sooo, let me help you!

In here, we aim to uniquely connect Remote Workers and international travelers through the Slow Traveling philosophy… What does “slow traveling” mean? It means we want you to appreciate the essence of one place, savoring the food&wine, experiencing the local traditions, brathing nature and mixing with the autochthonous.

Moreover, we take the hassle of organizing everything for you, so you can just book and live the experience, together with like-minded people from all over the world.

Our goal is to ensure each journey has a positive impact on your life, on the local communities and on the environment.

Here the blog articles we have carefully prepared for you to enrich your slow travel experience. 

Slow travel

The slow living concept

Take it slowly… The “slow living” philosophy encourages people to savor the present moment, prioritize quality over quantity, reduce stress

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Slow travel

The Cittaslow Movement

Have you ever heard about Cittaslow? The Cittaslow movement is an international network of towns that prioritize the quality of

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travel trends image mountain

2024 Travel Trends

What should the world of travel expect from the New Year?   Embracing Transformation, Sustainability and Authenticity As we stand

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