May 18, 2025

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Number of Days / Nights

10 / 9

Trip Style

Local culture - Nature - Gastronomy - Adventure - Party

Welcome to an exhilarating Group Trip to “la Tierra Querida”, Colombia, where enchantment awaits at every corner! Our 10-day journey will lead you through a kaleidoscope of experiences, offering an immersive blend of captivating culture, breathtaking landscapes, and warm hospitality.

Kickstart your adventure in the vibrant Medellín, a city which has experienced a transformation from a troubled past to a vibrant metropolis. Marvel at innovative architecture, take a cable car to the hillside neighborhoods, and soak in the city’s artistic spirit.

Next, we’ll venture into the heart of Colombia’s coffee region, where emerald-green hills and charming coffee plantations will leave you in awe. Delve into the coffee-making process, interact with local farmers, and taste the finest brews that energize the nation.

As we journey to the Caribbean coast, Cartagena’s romantic allure will sweep you off your feet. Stroll through the UNESCO-listed walled city, indulge in delectable seafood, and dance the night away to infectious salsa rhythms.

Finally, connect with nature in a boat trip to Islas del Rosario. Snorkel in crystal-clear waters and enjoy the white sandy beaches.

Throughout the trip, our experienced guide will ensure your safety and enrich your understanding of Colombia’s vibrant history and culture. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure, forging lifelong memories with like-minded travelers on this mesmerizing journey to Colombia.

What's included

special Accommodation for 9 nights
special Coffee experience in the Eje Cafetero region
special Valle del Cocora ticket and visit
special Boat trip to islas del Rosario
special Lunch included in Islas del Rosario
special SecretGastroExperience, something you won’t easily forget 🙂
special Cartagena
special Medellín & Comuna 13 visit
special Day trip to Guatape from Medellin with breakfast, lunch and transportation included
special La Pedra del Peñol visit
special Trip Coordinator with experience in the Country
special Flight from Eje Cafetero to Cartagena
special Transportation from Medellín to the Coffee Axis
special New international friends and unforgettable memories!

What's not included

excluded International flights to/from Colombia
excluded Personal expenses
excluded Food and drinks where not included
excluded Money pot for common expenses

Important Information

Arrival Airport: Medellín
Departure Airport: Cartagena
Suggested latest arrival time at the airport: 3pm
Suggested earliest departure time from the airport: 12pm



All the accommodation have been booked in the safest areas and with all the main facilities. Possibility to have an individual room paying an extra fee. Otherwise you will share room with maximim 2 other people of the Andiámonos group. All the bathrooms are private.

More details will be shared on the video call you can book below.


What's special?

☕️A Flavorful Journey in the Coffee Wonderland

Get ready to awaken your senses in the heart of Colombia’s Eje Cafetero region! Andiámonos is taking you on an exclusive behind-the-scenes adventure into the captivating world of coffee making. Immerse yourself in the entire coffee-making process, from bean to cup. Feel the aroma in the purest environment as you sip on the finest brews, masterfully crafted by local experts. This isn’t just a tour; it’s a symphony of flavors, and an experience that will make you unerstand the hard work behind “a simple cup of coffee”…

🏞️ Conquer Heights and Marvel at Nature’s Masterpiece in Guatape

A day trip to the picturesque town of Guatape, where vibrant colors and charming streets await. The landscape is framed by a colossal rock – La Piedra del Peñol, a towering monolith with panoramic views that will steal your breath away. 700 stairs to climb to the top, we can assure the views are absolutely rewarding though!

We will also embark on a boat ride along the dam to have a panoramic view of the Casa Museo del viejo Peñol and the ruins of the Hacienda “La Manuela” by Pablo Escobar.

🛥️Sail into the vibrant Cartagena and the Enchanting Islas del Rosario

Cartagena, a city that pulses with energy and history at every corner. Wander through the charming streets of the Old Town, adorned with bougainvillea and rithm at every turn, will leave you speachless. But that’s not all – a boat trip to the Islas del Rosario awaits, where crystal-clear waters and coral reefs paint a mesmerizing backdrop. Relax, snorkel, and soak up the sun on the Caraibic beaches, the perfect way to stop and relax before to come back to the “normal” life!

⭐Life is Now⭐

Don't waste more time and book you virtual coffee!

By implementing “interviews” as a part of the travel process, Andiámonos wants to offer a more personalized and successful experience for both travelers and coordinators.

In fact, this brief video call can provide:

  • Trust and Safety: as it can help verify the identity of the travelers, ensuring they are who they claim to be. It can enhance trust and safety for all users, as you get to see and interact with potential travelers directly.
  • Personal Connection: it allows Andiámonos to establish a more personal connection with travelers and understand values and expectations. This can help ensure that the person is a good fit for the rest of the group and for the trip style.

You can’t travel in this occasion? We invite you to book the call anyway!

If you are not sure you want/can travel for this particular trip, it doesn’t metter, just book the call! Meeting the Andiámonos team will allow you to fully understand our travel philosophy and solve any doubt you may have. 

You will feel as you are having a nice and inspirational conversation with a new traveler & friend!

You may have observed there is no detailed itinerary in our trip pages. Well, actually it is not a mistake! At Andiámonos we don’t just copy-paste itineraries, as our aim is to offer atypical trips for our authentic travelers to live something unconventional and deeply connected with the local side of the world.

In the video call you will be given details on the itinerary and the full program will be sent to the confirmed travelers.

Don’t forget we are here to Slow Travel the world! Our mantra? Authenticity, flexibility and real connections!


1. Video call

If you are interested in any experience, you can easily book the brief meeting with Andiámonos, through the calendar you can find at the bottom of the trip page. In the call, you will have the chance to meet the Trip Coordinator and talk about your trip expectations, doubts, why you love traveling, hobbies and whatever! It will be a nice conversation from traveler to traveler!

2. Payment process

In case that’s the trip you are looking for, you are ready to book your spot paying just the 20% of the total amount. The rest of the amount will be paid 30 days before the departure. If you book your spot less than 30 days before the departure date, you will not pay the 20% deposit, but the entire amount.

3. We are ready to go!

As soon as the travelers crew is completed, a Whatsapp group will be created by your Trip Coordinator; this way you can get in touch with your future travel buddies and share useful information about your trip. The week before the departure, your trip coordinator will schedule a  video call with all the trip participants, to talk about the last details and solve any doubt out.

We are ready to go!

As travelers are coming from different Countries, flights to and from the destination are not included.

Life is better with flexibility! In fact, in this way you are free to decide the departure airport and the airline company, as well as if you want to stay more days in the destination, outside of the trip dates.

Before to book any flight, please be sure you have been informed by Andiámonos that the trip is officially confirmed.

To avoid huge age differences and personalize the experiences even more, Andiámonos trips are thought for people from 28 to 42 years old.  Anyway, if you are slightly younger or older and you think you are aligned with the trip mood, just apply through the calendly form. We will have then the possibility to see, through the video interview, if the experience is suitable for you.

Furthermore, in case we reach the minimum travelers number for your age group, we are happy to offer the experiences for people belonging to different age ranges. 

Last but not least, we offer you the option to personalize a trip for you and your group of friends/colleagues. Whether you have a specific destination in mind or you’re open to suggestions, our dedicated team is here to turn your travel dreams into reality.

For customized trips, you can contact us sending an email to

Workations are especially designed for remote working as we will work during the day and enjoy local experiences during the free time and weekends. No stress though! In case you are not a Remote Worker or you are, but you just want to enjoy some days off, you can have a look at the Group Trips, where we don’t work,  just play!

As you can imagine, this will depend on the destination (different prices in Italy than in Norway) and on your travel style (how many times you decide to eat and drink outside, if you want to have extra activities etc.).

Also, it depends on wheter you attend a Workation or a Group Trip, as the concept is totally different. In fact, during a Workation we use to cook in our shared kitchen and eat outside a couple of time, but again, we want everyone to feel free to choose the routine according to the personal habits. In the case of Group Trips is more usual to eat outside as we will be visiting the whole day, although you can also arrange some packed lunch to save money.

For us, flexibility is key and we want anyone to be able to attend a trip, without too many limitations for the traveler’s specific budget!

The Money Pot is a group deposit in local currency, managed and collected by your Trip Coordinator.

The amount of the Money Pot is around 120€ for the whole trip duration, but may change according to the destination.

Money pot includes:

  • Petrol and road tolls
  • Tourist taxes
  • Coordinator’s money pot share
  • Any extra activity that all members of the group agree on doing. Of course, if someone doesn’t want to participate in a certain activity, we will return that specific amount to the person who doesn’t participate in the activity. 

In case of any spare money, the remaining amount will be split equally and returned at the end of the trip.

Unexpected events can happen, that’s why we want you to feel comfortable in the moment you decide to book a trip with us.

In fact, if you cancel 15 or more days from the trip departure, we will return the 80% of the total price previously paid – excluded the bank transfer’s commission- and you will have the possibility to transfer the entire 20% deposit and use it to join future Andiámonos experiences, within 6 months from the cancellation date.

In case you cancel your spot 14 or less days before the trip departure, we will return the 80% of the total price – excluded the bank transfer’s commission- but unfortunately we will not be able to return the 20% deposit.

Bank transfer fees associated with refunds will be deducted from the refund amount. Customers are responsible for any additional charges from their financial institutions.

Please be advised that the responsibility for booking and managing flight arrangements lies solely with the traveler. Any costs associated with flight bookings, changes, or cancellations are the individual responsibility of each traveler. Andiámons does not undertake responsibility for refunding or reimbursing any expenses related to flights.

What if Andiámonos has to cancel the trip as the minimum number of participants is not reached?

In that unlikely situation, you are free to choose between 2 possibilities:

  1. Ask for a refund for the entire amount you paid.
  2. Transfer the credit to another Andiámonos trip.

This decision is completely up to you!

In case you have any doubt, you can reach out to us sending an email to

Of course! 

You have the possibility to join an existing trip (in case there are enough spots available), or if you prefer, you can have a fully customized experience for your group. Feel free to send us an email to explaining your needs and we will be happy to find the best option for your amazing group!


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