You want to plan THE HOLIDAY...

And you don't know where to start?

Have you ever experienced one of these feelings when planning your deserved vacation?

You don't have time to plan your holidays?
We plan your exotic holiday

You struggle to find some spare time

Work, family, social commitments and why not? The need to relax and do absolutely nothing. These are just some of the reasons that keep you from having free time. And I’m sure you perfectly know, that organizing a travel itinerary from A to Z is not an easy task!

No one will judge you for asking for some help, trust me!

Sometimes it pays to invest in health and quality of life, don’t you think?

The overwhelming information

The amount of information available on Internet can become overwhelming… blogs, forums, tips from anyone… where do I start? Which of all the found information will be correct and updated? Which one suits me according to my travel style and my tastes?

In short, all this stimulus overload can be very stressful, and YOU JUST WANT TO TRAVEL, without burdens!

You can’t afford an extraordinary vacation

You see travel ads with exorbitant prices, and you think that you will never be able to live that incredible travel experience.

I’m sorry to tell you that this is not true! We tailor your trip to your budget, giving you the option to choose between cheaper and more exclusive hotels, so in the end, the final price of the trip will also depend on you!

Why choosing Andiámonos?

Hola, I’m Monica Gennarini and – if you let me 🙂 I can be your Personal Travel Designer!
English, Spanish or Italian, you choose the language!

My goal? Designing your extraordinary and 100% customized travel story.

I am a tireless traveler. These 15 years of authentic experiences around the Planet, have made me understand that what moves me is pure passion.

I want you to live something memorable and not the typical travel package that it is delivered to everyone, without considering interests, tastes, ages and your budget.i

I prepare your trip as if it were mine, with desire to travel authentic and a huge dosis of passion!
… Because traveling means existing!
Hi, I'm Monica Gennarini and I customize your travel itinerary!

How does it work?

Step 1 - Through this video call (available in English/Spanish or Italian) I will be able to understand your needs, travel style, preferred activities etc. and collect all the important info to create a 100% personalized experience.
And guess what? This travel advice is completely free, it means you don't have to pay anything for it, even if you decide not to go ahead with the Travel Itinerary service.
FREE 1-to-1 CALL
Step 2 - Only if you liked my proposal and decide to go ahead, you will be sent an email with your customized holiday quotation and from there you can easily book the itinerary paying the Andiámonos service fee, which corresponds to 35€ per planned day.
Step 3 - You will receive your unique itinerary, which includes links to the flights, 3 hotels proposals with different price range for each destination, suggested restaurants and local activities, tips and useful requirements. You are now ready to live the extraordinary travel experience you were dreaming about!

“What if I don’t like the itinerary or I want to change something?”

No worries! In that case, you can count on my availability to modify the proposal according to your needs, without paying any additional fee. My goal is to make each trip a life-changing experience and I want you to feel completely comfortable when booking the itinerary. Flexibility is the key, especially when it comes to traveling the world… If there is anything you are not convinced about, I can adapt it for you at any time!  

Travelers who have already enjoyed a personalized travel experience in...

Any question?

If you have any doubt about the travel advisory service, do not hesitate to contact me. I’’m here to help you!

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