If you are wondering the meaning of this exotic word, then read below!

The term Workation comes from the union of the words Work💼 and Vacation🏖️ and is changing, for the better, the life of many Remote Workers👩‍💻. It consists in a holiday that allows you to work from different parts of the world, and at the same time, live extremely rewarding experiences together with other professionals and travelers.

Workations benefits are countless…

💻 Stimulating productivity due to the routine’s change and a fresh environment.

🪢 Promoting networking and boosts creativity.

😎 Lowering the stress level thanks to the comfortable location and the idyillic work environment.

🌴 Encouraging the connection with nature and its benefits.

💫 Building a healthy networking among worlwide professionals and drives the traveler towards innovative perspectives.

🌏 Allowing the Remote Worker to explore the world while working, without using any day off.

Trip starts on

Trip starts on

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